Super8 is like a messy home video of the way you would see yourselves if you could. The light leaks, the grain, the imperfections all somehow creating perfection. It’s a memory. It’s a feeling. It’s love. 

It’s the way we remember ourselves running barefoot on summer days; it’s the feeling of driving into the big city for the first time - sticking your head and arms out the window with excitement to get a closer look; it’s the way you remember that first date. Walking away from each other feeling giddy you can’t help but keep looking back at one another, smirking.

What is Super 8mm?

Super 8 is an analog film medium from the 60s. One roll of film is about 3 min and is shot on Kodak film with vintage cameras. I shoot on a Canon 814! 


Super 8mm films are the perfect add-on to any photography wedding package.

5-10 min



3-5 min

What’s included: 

> ME AS A FULL RESOURCE, Photographer + New friend! I'll be there for you for all the planning stages, to create an amazing experience + photograph you in a way that feels so YOU. 
> Starting at 4 Hours
> Timeline Planning, Location Scouting, Checklists
> Vendor Recommendations
> Storytelling + Custom audio (song, vows, etc.)
> Video Link for downloading + sharing
> Online Gallery + Download Rights
> Wooden USB
> Highlight Clip for social sharing

Already have photography covered? No problem!


solo Super8 film videography

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